Epoch Idler Roller - Lightweight Aluminum - Live Shaft - 6

Aluminum Idler Rollers / Rolls

Lightweight Aluminum Idler Rollers - Live Shaft - 5” OD
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5" Nominal OD, Live Shaft

Part Number: LWL-5.0-RF-OAL-OS


1/4" wall, 6061-T6 aluminum tubing.


O.D. skim cut and polished.


O.D. to bore concentricity: 

- Roll face to 60": 0.003" T.I.R. 
- Roll face to 100": 0.005" T.I.R. 
- Roll face to 126": 0.009" T.I.R. 


Taper over face width not to exceed 0.0005"/ft. length (0.002" min.).


Dynamically balanced to your line speed within ISO grade G6.3. Additional fee if over 1500 F.P.M.


Journal material: 1018 steel


Journal sizes: up to 1-7/8” diameter x 6” long

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