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Standard Aluminum Idler Rollers - Dead Shaft
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"Dead shaft" idler rollers have a bearing is in the idler roll body and therefore the dead shaft (axle) remains stationary. Standard aluminum rollers suit many applications as they are light in weight with low rotating inertia.

Standard aluminum dead shaft idler rolls

Made from thick-wall-T6-aluminum tube, Epoch Standard Aluminum Idlers are one of the most popular rolls we make. All aluminum idlers are dynamically balanced to ISO grade G6.3. Each roll is machined to precision tolerances and has a 32 RMS surface finish across the face. If a hard surface is required to prevent grooving, hard anodizing is a popular surface treatment we provide. 


Standard Aluminum Dead Shaft Idlers are made with special low-drag ER style bearings for solid thru shafts. Thru shafts are available in either 300 series stainless steel or 1045 mild steel. 


Standard Aluminum Live Shaft Idlers are made with 12L14 steel journals (shafts). Journal dimensions are custom made to your application. 



  • As much as half the weight of a comparable steel idler 
  • 40% - 60% lower rolling inertia than comparable steel idlers 
  • More economical than other lightweight idlers 
  • Corrosion resistance higher than steel 
  • Easy to custom coat and surface treat 
  • Medium to heavy loading possible 
  • Refurbishing of idler rolls possible due to thick-wall aluminum tubing 


Go to Live Shafts vs. Dead Shafts for advantages of each 

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