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Steel dead shaft idlers spin on an internal thru shaft which remains fixed. Steel rollers are heavy but very stiff and strong.


Made from DOM steel tubing, Epoch steel idlers have their special niche in the market due to their high strength and performance. Steel idlers are well suited for high to medium loading applications. When running long webs at high speeds and tensions, steel idler rolls have a higher first critical speed than aluminum rolls due to their superior stiffness. 


Steel idlers are also very economical, especially in substantial loading situations. Often times a smaller diameter steel roll can be used in place of an aluminum roll, generating cost savings. 


All steel idlers are dynamically balanced to ISO grade G6.3. Each roll is machined to precision tolerances and has a 32 RMS surface finish across the face. If a hard surface is required to prevent grooving, hard anodizing is a popular surface treatment we provide. 


Steel Dead Shaft Idlers are made with special low-drag ER style bearings for solid thru shafts. Thru shafts are available in either 300 series stainless steel or 1045 mild steel. 


Steel Live Shaft Idlers are made with 4130 alloy steel journals (shafts). Journal dimensions are custom made to your application. 



  • Three times the stiffness of same size aluminum rolls 
  • Higher speeds possible on long rolls 
  • Economical for medium to high loads 
  • Low thermal expansion allows rolls to be used in elevated temperatures when properly vented 
  • Superior tensile strength and surface hardness than aluminum 
  • Can be readily plated with plasma coating, nickel, or chrome 


Go to Live Shafts vs. Dead Shafts for advantages of each  

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