Epoch Idler Roller - Standard Aluminum - Dead Shaft - 3.5

Aluminum Idler Rollers / Rolls

Standard Aluminum Idler Rollers - Dead Shaft - 3.5” OD
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3.5" Nominal OD, Dead Shaft

Part Number: SA-3.5-SD-RF-OS


6061-T6 aluminum tubing.


O.D. skim cut and polished.


O.D. to bore concentricity: 
- Roll face to 48": 0.002" T.I.R. 
- Roll face to 76": 0.004" T.I.R. 
- Roll face to 96": 0.007" T.I.R. 


Taper over face width not to exceed 0.0005"/ft. length (0.002" min.).


Dynamically balanced to your line speed within ISO grade G6.3. Additional fee if over 1000 F.P.M.


Special low drag ER style bearings for 1.25" or 1.5" diameter thru shaft.*


*See "Thru Shafts for Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, and Steel Dead Shaft Rollers" for shafting prices.

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