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Standard Aluminum Idler Rollers - Overview

All aluminum idlers are dynamically balanced to ISO grade G6.3. Each roll is machined to precision tolerances and has a 32 RMS surface finish across the face. If a hard surface is required to prevent wear, hard anodizing is available upon request.


  • Lower rotating inertia than comparable steel idlers
  • Economic and lightweight
  • Natural corrosion resistance
  • Medium to heavy loading possible
  • Easy to custom coat and surface treat

Live Shaft

Live shaft rollers have a shaft (axle) that is fixed to the idler roll and therefore rotates with the roller body. The roller bearing is mounted to the machine frame, generally a pillow block or flange mounted bearing.

Aluminum Live Shaft Illustrations & Specifications

3.0" Nominal Outside Diameter (Part Number: SAL-3.0-RF-OAL-OS)

4.0" Nominal Outside Diameter (Part Number: SAL-4.0-RF-OAL-OS)

5.0" Nominal Outside Diameter (Part Number: SAL-5.0-RF-OAL-OS)

6.0" Nominal Outside Diameter (Part Number: SAL-6.0-RF-OAL-OS)

8.0" Nominal Outside Diameter (Part Number: SAL-8.0-RF-OAL-OS)

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