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Stainless Steel Idler Rollers - Overview

Epoch's stainless steel idlers are best suited for use in corrosive environments, high moisture applications, and food grade or medical applications. Corrosion resistant bearings are available upon request. Each roll is machined to precision tolerances, has a 32 RMS surface finish across the face, and is dynamically balanced to ISO grade G6.3.


  • High corrosion resistance
  • Heavy loading possible
  • Customizable for clean rooms


Dead Shaft

Stainless steel dead shaft idlers are made with special low-drag ER style bearings for solid through shafts. Through shafts are available in either stainless or mild steel.

Stainless Steel Dead Shaft Illustrations & Specifications

Live Shaft

Stainless steel live shaft Idlers are made with 300 stainless steel journals (shafts). Journal dimensions are custom made to your application.

Stainless Steel Live Shaft Idlers

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