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Lightweight Aluminum Idler Rollers - Overview

Made from ¼" wall 6061-T6 aluminum tube, Epoch Lightweight Aluminum Dead Shaft Idlers are gaining in popularity. Made for lower web tension applications, these rolls have less weight and less rolling inertia than standard aluminum idlers.

All other aspects of these rolls are the same as our standard aluminum idlers. Made with special low-drag ER style bearings for solid thru shafts, these idlers are dynamically balanced to ISO grade G6.3. Each roll is machined to precision tolerances and has a 32 RMS surface finish across the face. If a hard surface is required to prevent grooving, hard coat anodizing is a popular surface treatment we provide.


  • 35% - 45% lower rolling inertia than comparable standard aluminum idlers
  • Moderately priced, slightly higher than comparable standard aluminum idlers
  • Corrosion resistance higher than steel
  • Easy to custom coat and surface treat
  • Solid steel thru shafts allow for heavier loading than other lightweight idlers


Dead Shaft

"Dead shaft" idler rollers have a bearing in the idler roll body and therefore the dead shaft (axle) remains stationary. The shaft is fixed to the machine frame in various manners.

Lightweight Aluminum Dead Shaft Illustrations & Specifications

Live Shaft

Live shaft rollers have a shaft (axle) that is fixed to the idler roll and therefore rotates with the roller body. The roller bearing is mounted to the machine frame, generally a pillow block or flange mounted bearing.

Lightweight Aluminum Live Shaft Illustrations & Specifications

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